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Introducing StereoCore

Created by Geos, for Geos

Digitally log all aspects of any drill core

StereoCore is an all-in-one core logging software that allows the geologist to accurately log geotechnical core and provide accurate Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

The Benefits of StereoCore

Data Risk

  • Errors propagate from initial
    data discrepancies
  • Your data makes your project
  • Accurate geological data
    feeds successful exploration
    and mining projects

Safety Risk

  • Safety is priority
  • Accurate data can inform
    unsafe work environments,
    mitigate hazards and feed
    into risk mitigation strategies
  • You cannot mitigate
    risk without an accurate
    quantification of that risk

Resource Risk

  • Your resources are based on
    your sound geological data
  • Accuracy is paramount – ore
    intersections, thicknesses,
    structural data
  • Without an accurate resource,
    you don’t have a project

Financial Risk

  • Is your project a good
  • Are your resources accurately
    reflecting the profitable
    material you have in the
  • Data, Safety and Resource
    risk determine the financial
    success (or failure) or your

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Licensing & Registration

  • Software is freely available
  • Pay as you use basis
  • Competitive Pricing Solutions

Technical Support

  • Remote technical support
  • On-site technical support
  • Problem resolution
  • Available by call, email and video conferencing

Software and Training

  • Remote training (video
    conferencing) for your team of geologists
  • In-house training available – we come to you
  • On-site training options – use your own core and your ownlogging standards